Are Your Passwords Strong Enough

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Password is a security that can be used to protect one's account.But now a days these passwords can be easily hacked by ethical hackers easily or even by normal persons.This can happen because of

  • using the same password for more days.

  • Choosing a normal password.

  • using the same password for every websites.

Research on Password hacking have found out that people tend to use Normal password which is easily breakable.Normal Passwords are similar to these kind of words and numbers like

  1. "password"

  2. "qwerty"

  3. "1234"

Some people tend to keep their favourite actress or favourite films as their passwords.

Generally a Password should not contain any of these listed below:

Your Birth Date

Your Marriage Date

Your husband Name

Your Child Name

Follow these steps to protect your account

  1. Change your password regularly atleast once every three months.

  2. You should use a different password for each website or each account that you access.

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