Stop Receiving E-mail Notifications From Facebook

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Generally your mail inbox is already full and we generally don’t maintain it properly adding to these is the Email notification from the Facebook .These tend to make the inbox crowded with less than a day as you may have 1000 friends which may lead to huge number of Email notifications with in a single day.

 Steps To Stop Receiving Email Notifications:

  1. Login into your Facebook Account.

  2. Get into the Group Homepage which you don’t want to receive Emails from.

  3. At the upper right corner you will see the notification icon, click on it and you can click settings from the available options of  on,off,settings.You will get a small pop up window   where you can remove the tick mark on the “Also send an Email Notification to your mail-id”.

 You can revert the action by making a tick once again in the check box.

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