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Many of us don’t know about Google Knol. According to Google’s point of view Knol is something which gives knowledge about a product in a article form which is clear understood idea. The URL contains information about various items just similar to wikepedia.

All think that Google knol was started as competition to Wikipedia .The articles in the websites have crossed 1Lakhs(approx).The Articles in the Knol website can be read easily by going to the site and searching for what you need as all of us know about the speciality of Google search engine.

Similar to Wikipedia you can also write your own articles or edit the articles that need to be corrected.The Steps to write your Own article in Google Knol are:

1.First go to

2.To Write a Knol,you must have a Google account.

(If you don’t have a google account create a new Account at Google)

3.Login using Google account to write your article.

4.Click on Write a Knol,you will get a basic structure to write articles ,you will get a license.

There are three types of licenses based on Permission settings for others.


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